Assists in the removal of associated vaccine side effects without removing any vaccine benefits. 1 oz liquid.


Note: This product will not remove any benefits of vaccines.


Consider annual Titer testing as a alternative to routine vaccinating. This ensures that your animal is protected without over vaccinating which can compromise their health.


Symptoms of Vaccinosis can include (but are not limited to):

Immediate symptoms:

  • fatigue / lethargy 
  • muscle pain and/or stiffness
  • aggression or change in mood/behaviour


Chronic or longer term symptoms:

  • skin eruptions - warts, rashes, cysts, hot spots
  • respiratory symptoms
  • digestive issues (vomitting, diarrhea, IBD, etc)
  • arthritis
  • ACL issues
  • tumors
  • recurrent ear infections
  • aggression

Adored Beast - Anti Vaccinosis 30ml